No Media

At No Media, we believe that no production is too small or large. We meet each client’s budget with the highest level of excellence. 

from concept to delivery

We can execute a project from concept to delivery, or jump in for any stage in between. If you’re an individual, company, marketing agengy or another video production comany that just needs help pulling something off, we’re your team. We love turning dreams into reality. 

We believe that collaboration is huge when it comes to creating amazing stories and images. SInce we loving taking on one or many stages of production, that opens us up to collaboration on any project. You can think of us as specialty lighting and camera movement operators, PA’s or an overall production team. We’re all in either way!


tools of the trade

Cinema, 4K ProRes, H.264. You name it, we can shoot it! We use the best gear for any budget.

We own and operate the DJI Ronin MX but also have years of experience with most gimbals. 

Aerial cinematography is everywhere, but we take the time to make sure every aerial shot is intentional. Capable of recording 4K ProRes. Licensed and Insured.

A completely customizable Extended Chevy Express 2500. All LED lighting with options for RGB and battery power.

no media

At No Media, we believe movement is key. Visually, we aim to create stories that move — each story has its own motion and, when it’s told right, the ability to move others. We accomplish this through directing and producing compelling stories, with the aid of cinematic tools that keep us ahead of the curve. Let us highlight the movement your story deserves.

gerard Connors iii

operations Director | Technical Director

jason rowland

Creative Director

Colby noel

Lead editor

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customer Relations representative

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